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Welcome to the Standard for ETDRS testing - The ESV3000


The ESV3000 contains standardized LEDs (light emitting diodes) whose light output is automatically controlled by patented internal calibration technology. When this lighting technology is combined with a universal standard power supply, the result is consistent standardized lighting that makes the ESV3000 the most accurate, easy to use, tester for evaluating ETDRS and LogMAR acuity. Simply turn on the device and with a push of a button, the ESV3000 automatically calibrates to a photopic light level of 85 cd/m2 , or a mesopic level of 3 cd/m2. These light levels are recommended by the National Academy of Sciences Committee for Vision Testing Standards and are required by the FDA for ETDRS evaluation in clinical trials.

Do Not Use Non-Standardized Office Lighting For Your ETDRS Testing

Common, non-standardized ETDRS systems are simple light boxes, with two fluorescent bulbs, that plug into a wall outlet. These ordinary light boxes provide less standardization than typical fluorescent office lighting. The input voltage to the light bulbs is unregulated, unlike the ESV3000, and a 96-hour bulb "burn-in" period is needed to stabilize the light level before any testing can commence. Further, standard fluorescent tubes designed for office use do not provide uniform illumination. They have "hot spots" and the output luminance can vary over a wide range, as anyone familiar with typical office lighting can see. Studies show light levels can range from as low as 80 cd/m2 to as high as 200 cd/m2.

ESV3000 Is Low Maintenance

ESV3000 LED LightsThe ESV3000 solid-state circuitry and LEDs require no maintenance. Turn on the instrument and the light levels are automatically standardized and ready for testing. No warm up or bulb burn-in period is required. The LEDs have a life-time of 50,000 hours, which means they will never need to be replaced. The only maintenance ever required for the ESV3000 is to remove it from the shipping box.

This is unlike non-standardized light boxes, whose ordinary fluorescent tubes must be replaced every 2,000 hours, or about 250 days of testing. This means the bulbs need to be replaced once or twice a year, just like office lighting. Then, after replacement, another cumbersome 96-hour burn-in period is required for the new bulbs.

Move Into the New Age of Standardization with the ESV3000

The standardized lighting and low maintenance of the ESV3000 allow you to move into a new age for ETDRS and LogMAR evaluation. You can be assured of equal and accurate lighting for each test. An added benefit is that the ESV3000 requires much less energy than ordinary office-type fluorescent bulbs and there are no bulbs to discard twice a year, making it the environmentally friendly choice for your practice or clinical trial.

Standardized ETDRS testing is now a reality. The ESV3000 instrument automatically calibrates the required testing light level so that the patient is always tested at the same - photopic 85 cd/m2 or mesopic light levels 3 cd/m2.

Simplify your testing

ESV3000 Glare LightsEasy to use and operate, the optometry ESV3000 is the ONLY self-calibrating ETDRS cabinet available. The ESV3000 totally eliminates dead spots, hot spots, and lighting uniformity problems associated with other ETDRS viewers. That's because the ESV3000 self-calibrates the illumination on the chart surface for both photopic (85 cd/m2) and low-light mesopic testing, using the most advanced self-monitoring LED light source patented technology available.

More importantly, you wont have to worry about inconsistent environmental lighting, because the universal power supply of the ESV3000 allows for regulated voltages from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, helping maintain consistent light values in any power situation. With a push of a button, you can change the light level to 3 cd/m2 for low-level mesopic testing. No more adjusting cumbersome filters! Plus you can easily add glare lights for glare testing. All of this can be controlled either on the ESV3000 or with the included remote control.

Also, the ESV3000 saves you time, the lights last longer, and it's an eco-friendly choice! While traditional ETDRS units use time-consuming fluorescent bulb technology that require 96-hour (4 days!) bulb burn-in time before use, the patented LED lights in the ESV3000 can be used immediately. Likewise, ordinary fluorescent bulbs need to be replaced after 2000 hours of use, but the LED lights of the ESV3000 last an average of, or 50,000 hours - that's 40 hours a week for 24 years! The ESV3000 also uses less power, making it the Green Choice.

The optometry ESV3000 is CSA listed, CE, Rohs and WEEE compliant. No mercury is contained in our diodes and the entire unit is recyclable. Comes with a 2-year warranty on the cabinet and a 5-year warranty on the LED lighting.

Compare ETDRS Cabinets

ESV3000 with LED Lights

Fluorescent Tube Viewers

Self Calibrate to 85 cmd2

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No

Provide Mesopic Testing

ESV3000 Performs Yes (push button & remote control)

ESV3000 Performs Yes (use of filters required)

Provide Uniform Light

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No

Ready for Immediate Use

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No

Universal Power Supply

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No

Custom Light Levels Available

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No

Built-in Glare Light Receptacle

ESV3000 Performs Yes

Fluorescent Fails No


*Power plug adopter may be needed for use outside the U.S.
** Contact optometry to find out more.

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ETDRS Research
Gold Standard

The ESV3000 was selected as the Gold Standard in a recent study comparing computerized acuity systems using Crowded HOTV characters in Adults >>

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