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LEA Puzzle

LEA 3-D Puzzle
For training and assessing both children and adults

LEA Grating Paddles

LEA GRATINGS, a Preferential Looking Test
Preferential looking test situations with infants or children and adults

Medium Fixation Paddle

Medium Heidi Fixation Targets

To determine the distance at which the children respond to a high-contrast face figure

Small Fixation Paddle

Small Heidi Fixation Targets

Small Fixation Paddle

LEA Grating Acuity Test

LEA Grating Acuity Test
LEA Grating Acuity Test for measuring grating acuity as resolving/discrimination

Lea Mailbox

LEA Mailbox Game
Lea Mailbox for visual line perception

Lea Rectangles

LEA Rectangles Game
LEA Rectangles for visual size perception

Heidi Contrast Facial Expressions

Heidi Expressions Test Game
For children with brain-damage related vision loss


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