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Small Eye Model
Small Eye Model to assists the healthcare professional in educating patients in the anatomy of the human eye

Astigmatism Eye Model
Eye model showing astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia for patient education

Corneal Eye Model
This normal oversized eye model for showing patients various cornea conditions

Intraocular Eye Model

Demonstrates how vision is regained after removal of a cataract.

Lasik Eye Model
Permits the doctor or ophthalmic technician to quickly and completely familiarize the patient with the LASIK procedure.

Reti Eye Model
Reti Eye is an extremely useful system in kit form for ophthalmic practitioners to practice Indirect Ophthalmoscopy and Photocoagulation.

Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator
Siepser Vitreous Floater Demonstrator Eye Model demonstrates how "floaters" are caused and how they affect the patient's vision, including the Weiss Ring.

VTD Eye Model

Vision Threatening Disease (VTD) Eye Model demonstrates the three most common eye diseases like Glaucoma, AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy

2-inch Eye Model with Muscles

Small 2-inch wide detailed Eye Model for the exam room

Clearly Visible Ear Model

The ClearlyVisible Ear Model is a full-size model of the human ear. Its clear construction promotes easy viewing and explanations of ear components.

Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model
Innovative Diabetes Eye-Plus™ Model that demonstrates the effect of unsuccessfully treated diabetes on four body systems.

Dry Eye Model
Dry Eye Model demonstrate fluorescein staining on the cornea, lissamine green staining on the sclera, meibomian gland dysfunction, lacrimal gland dysfunction, and the lacrimal punctum

Eye Balls on Blue Silk Bow Tie

Beautiful silk bow tie with multi-colored eyes

Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator
The Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator is an authentic and realistic model that demonstrates the effects of vitreous hemorrhage and head position to patients

The Eye Poster
THE EYE POSTER is a poster-size chart that are highly instructive and useful for both patients and office staff - helping to demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions and anatomy of the eye.

Cataract Eye Model
Model of eye showing various types of cataract conditions

Cataract Lenses

pInterchangeable lenses that show various types of cataract conditions.

IOL Lens Set
Lens for the Intra Ocular Lens Eye Model. The model is highly portable and made from high quality plastic with a sturdy base.

EyeView Floater Visualizing Scope

This device is used to help the patient see vitreous floaters and other conditions in their own eye


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