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AAPOS Near Vision Screener
AAPOS Near Vision screener flip chart for 16"/40cm with LEA SYMBOLS®, LEA NUMBERS®, HOTV and Sloan Letters optotypes

LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS Translucent Chart
LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS translucent distance chart for 10 feet/3 meters testing distance

Lea Numbers® Low Contrast Flipchart, Unscrambled

LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Test, 10M
LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Flipchart

3 in 1 Near Visual Acuity Test
3 in 1 Near Visual Acuity Test with 3 different optotypes printed on one side and chart answers printed on the reverse.

ETDRS Low Contrast LEA NUMBERS® Charts
ETDRS low contrast LEA NUMBERS® vision chart (13 feet, 4 meter) available in 2 contrast levels for ESV3000 and ESC2000

LEA NUMBERS® Cards, 40M and 60M
Single optotype LEA NUMBERS® cards for low vision screening in adults

LEA NUMBERS® Near Vision Cabinet Chart
LEA NUMBERS® near vision chart for illuminated cabinet. 6 inch, 40 cm testing distance.

LEA NUMBERS® Response Panel

LEA Numbers replacement response panel

LEA Numbers® Runge Pocket Card

LEA NUMBERS® Runge Pocket Card
Runge Pocket Near Vision Card with LEA NUMBERS® that mimics reading left to right with answer key and measurements on back

LEA NUMBERS® Book with Crowding Bars

Handheld vision test with LEA NUMBERS® numbers optotype features 50% spaced contour interaction bars to provide single optotype acuity with the proper crowding effect

Perception Test 4-1 Near Vision Chart
Easy to use Perception 4-1 Near Vision Chart combines LEA Symbols, LEA Numbers, Landolt C and Sloan Letters into 1 chart. Contains Letter Size, Decimal and LogMAR notations.

LEA NUMBERS® and Landolt C Near Vision Card
Combination LEA NUMBERS® and Landolt C near vision pocket card for 16"/40 cm

LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Book
LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Book for examining children and adults with severe visual impairments available either as booklet only or set

Lea Symbols® and Lea Numbers® Near Vision Card

Combination LEA SYMBOLS® & LEA Numbers Near Card with 16 inch (40 cm) Cord

Lea Numbers 1 Meter Test

Lea Numbers for testing at 1 meter

NECO Near Visual Acuity Card

NECO near vision acuity card featuring LEA NUMBERS® and LEA SYMBOLS®

Lea Numbers® ETDRS Translucent Distance Chart (13 Feet, 4 Meters)

LEA NUMBERS® 15-Line Translucent ETDRS-Style Distance Chart for ESV3000 Cabinet
LEA NUMBERS® ETDRS Translucent Distance Chart for 13ft/4m testing distance

LEA Numbers® Professional Cabinet Translucent Cart

LEA NUMBERS® Proportional Spaced Distance Chart
LEA NUMBERS® proportional spaced translucent distance chart (10 foot, 3 meter) for ESV1018 only

Lea Numbers® Insta-Line Chart

LEA NUMBERS® Insta-Line Chart
LEA NUMBERS® Insta-Line Eye Chart

Lea Numbers® Low Vision Chart

LEA NUMBERS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation
LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Chart with attached pinhole occluder

LEA Numbers 1.25% Low Contrast Translucent Chart

LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Charts for Illuminated Cabinet
LEA NUMBERS® Low Contrast Translucent Chart available in 5 contrast levels for 9x14 illuminated cabinet


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