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LEA Low Contrast Grating Acuity Test
Measurement of contrast sensitivity curve

Pediatric Low Contrast Near

Pediatric Near Contrast testing provides an efficient means to detect or track ocular pathologies, including glaucoma, ARMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and keratoconus. Low contrast acuity loss measurement can used to demonstrate progress in disease treatment and help children’s parents understand the need for continued support.

Cardiff Pediatric Low Contrast Charts
Cardiff pediatric low contrast charts designed to measure contrast sensitivity in typically developing toddlers and young children, as well as in older children and adults with intellectual impairment.

City-Cardiff Preferential Looking Acuity Test Set

Provides a rapid means of assessing infant visual acuity from a few months to 3 years

Cardiff Pediatric Acuity Test
Cardiff Pediatic Acuity Test for the vision testing of children

Hiding Heidi Low Contrast Face Test

Hiding Heidi Low Contrast Face Test
Hiding Heidi Low Contrast Face Test

LEA Symbols® 1.25% Low Contrast Symbols Chart

LEA SYMBOLS® Translucent Low Contrast Charts for Illuminated Cabinet
LEA SYMBOLS® Translucent low contrast symbols chart available in 5 contrast levels for 9x14 illuminated cabinet

Lea Symbols® Low Contrast Flipchart, Scrambled

LEA SYMBOLS® Low Contrast Test, 10M
LEA SYMBOLS® low contrast handheld flip chart

Mars Perceptrix Numbers Contrast Test Set
Mars Perceptrix numbers contrast test for assessing visual acuity using low contrast numbers. Set comes with 3 charts of with numbers in scrambled order for repetitive testing.


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