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Runge Low Vision Near Card
Runge Sloan Letter Low Vision Card for 16 in/40 cm

Effective Magnification Acuity Chart
Chart allows for easy determination of the starting dioptric power needed to read standard size print.

LEA NUMBERS® Cards, 40M and 60M
Single optotype LEA NUMBERS® cards for low vision screening in adults

Low Vision Reading Card
Continuous text low vision reading chart with measuring cord available in multiple languages.

Spanish Low Vision Continuous Reading Card

Spanish low vision reading card with continuous text

Vision Rehabilitation Training Paddles
Set of 6 paddles used in training a patient to use a telescope or to evaluate or train a patient in the use of eccentric viewing

LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Book
LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Book for examining children and adults with severe visual impairments available either as booklet only or set

Sloan Letter Low Vision Chart
Sloan Letter low vision chart for ESV1018 Professional illuminated cabinet. 20 feet/6 meters testing distance.

Low Vision Chart Stands
Floor or Table Top stand to easily hold up top bounding Low Vision Charts

Low Vision Reversed Sloan Letter Chart
Low vision reversed sloan letter chart for ESV1018

Lea Numbers® Low Vision Chart

LEA NUMBERS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation
LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Chart with attached pinhole occluder


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