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Combination Near Vision & Reading Card
Near vision card with both ETDRS format Sloan Letters with either English, Spanish, French or Portuguese language continuous text for 16"/40cm

Spanish Near Vision Reading Card
Sloan letter near vision card with Spanish continuous text on the reverse side.

Combination High and 10% Low Contrast Near Vision Card
Combination high contrast and 10% low contrast near vision card available in multiple languages

English and Spanish Continuous Text Reading Card

Combination pocket card with English and Spanish language Continuous Text Reading for 16 in (40cm)

Graded Near Vision Reading Book
Near vision continuous text reading book set for school grade preschool thru 6th

Spanish Low Vision Continuous Reading Card

Spanish low vision reading card with continuous text

Spanish Near Point Card
Near point card in spanish for 16"/40 cm.

Spanish Near Vision Reading Chart
A pair of 2 Spanish near vision charts for either the ESV1200 or EVS1500 Illuminated Cabinet

Spanish Wormington Near Reading Card
Wormington near vision reading card in Spanish

Spanish Contemporary Near Vision Card
Contemporary near vision reading card in Spanish


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