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APD Screener
APD Tester version with UV illumination supports detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Red Filter Lens

Handheld Red Filter Lens

Set of 4 Mini Occluders
Set of 4 mini occluders that includes red maddox and red filter. Fits into trial lens frame.

Adult Post-Mydriatic Flat Slip-in Glasses

Used on adults after mydriasis occurs, provides superb UV protection

Green Filter Lens
Handheld Green Filter Lens

Mini Hand-held Red Filter
Mini hand-held red filter is only 4" (10.1cm) long and easily fits in trail lens frames

Trial Lens Holder with Handle
Handheld 4 or 10-Well trial lens holder

Neutral Density Filter Bar

Neutral Density Filter Bar

APD Tester

APD Tester version with UV illumination and adjustable LED Lights that support detection of corneal lesions, abrasions, or foreign bodies.

Handheld Neutral Density Filters
Handheld neutral density filters available in 3 densities

Neutral Density Bar Slide
Easily add 1.8 density to the neutral density filter bar

Red Filter and Frosted Occluder

Double ended frosted occluder with red filter

Red Filter and Occluder
Double ended combination Red Filter and Opaque Occluder

Pocket Neutral Density Bar
Pocket sized neutral density bar for measuring afferent pupillary defects

Red Maddox and Filter Combination
Combination handheld red maddox and red filter

Raff Level Trial Flipper
Trial lens flipper with built-in level to eliminate off-axis lens rotation


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